Snoop Dogg teams up with SodaStream, wishing you a meaningful holiday

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Sparkling water brand SodaStream and entertainment icon Team-Up promoted a new holiday campaign with a powerful environmental message: “Enjoying the small meaningful things.”

The campaign features hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, who is encouraging people to focus on the small but important things life throws at them this holiday season. The message focuses on these important messages in SodaStream’s classic light-hearted fashion.

Superstar Snoop Dogg can be seen baking gingerbread cookies with the family. Another scene in the video features an entire family sitting at the holiday dinner table, struggling not to use their cellular devices.

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“At SodaStream, we always encourage people to make a positive change. This year we really went all in to deliver a campaign everyone can relate to, a campaign on what’s important” commented SodaStream Global CMO Karin Schifter Maor. “SodaStream is the ultimate small change to reduce single-use plastic waste, and Snoop Dogg is a great partner to help widely spread this message in a fun way,” says Snoop Dogg.

“I love my Sodastream, so it was natural for me to partner up with them for this campaign. They make a great product and a big difference in the world. I am happy to help spread the love!”

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