Social Credit: A housing crisis ‘disgrace’ over 6,000 Kiwis living in motels

Social Credit: A housing crisis ‘disgrace’ over 6,000 Kiwis living in motels

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Social Credit says that it is a ‘disgrace’ that around 6,000 Kiwis are living in motels or are displaced due to housing issues. A further 7,000 Kiwis were accordingly in transitional housing, camping grounds, boarding houses and temporary housing or accommodation.

Middle-income earners are accordingly finding it more difficult to even afford an accessible, affordable and decent warm and dry home.

“The result is not just a housing crisis, it is a human rights crisis of significant proportions” according to UN Special Rapporteur, Leilani Farha.

Social Credit says that National and Labour have paid no more than ‘lip service’ to New Zealand’s current housing crisis.

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The political party Labour claiming that it has built more houses than National and National claiming it will replace the RMA according to Social Credit is ‘simply examples of a continuing litany of words instead of action’.

Social Credit policy says they will put in place a rent to own scheme, which is a programme of relocation grants that could be used aa deposits on a house purchase, including zero-interest loans to help ‘homeless’ New Zealanders.

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