Social Credit Candidate Amanda Vickers talks small business & recession

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Social Credit Candidate for Otaki Amanda Vickers, who attended a ‘meet the candidates’ meeting in Levin on September 13, talked a bit about how small businesses are suffering more than ever during the current COVID-19 pandemic, on top of New Zealand’s current recession.

Amanda says that there are ‘two solutions’ which most small parties and every party has, on taxing and borrowing. The money is not available to be spent on consumption that supports small business owners.

“You end up if it gets really bad with a contraction and that’s exactly what we don’t want. The best thing small business owners need is people with cashflow that come into their shop and spend.”


On that note, she says that small business owners do not need access to credit; they need paying customers that are going to spend.

“When we are in a recession, there isn’t any [customers] — when we are in COVID, there’s certainly not any.”

Social Credit is aiming to find out how the two ways to do things actually do work, Amanda says the first option is to allow the Government to borrow from its banks and not to withdraw all of that money from the economy but to ‘ultimately’ the parties transformation of this system is that the private banks will not be issuing the nation’s money at all.

“It will all come from the reserve bank and that the banks will be able to lend deposits as they get put in.”

“So when we can, we can use the bank like this; what we can do is implement our plan which creates more spending in terms of the same policy, we will not be taxing people for the first 20,000 of their income.”

Social Credit are doing lots of things to make sure people have more ‘disposable income’ which will support small business and create jobs

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