Social Credit to start a ‘war’ on Junk Food Advertising

Social Credit to start a ‘war’ on Junk Food Advertising

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Social credit says a freight train of obesity is ‘heading our way’ after major parties have ignored the real problems that New Zealand faces.

The political party is calling for a ban on all junk food advertising on TV.

“Those experts view cheap as chips takeaway food as one of the main causes of obesity that sees New Zealand as second-worst in the world for child obesity and third-worst in the world for obesity overall,” Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch says.

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Statistics as Social Credit are accordingly saying is clear proof it’s time to stop ‘pussyfooting’ around and take action fast.

A ‘war’ on junk food advertising and a massive tax on fizzy drinks is what the political party will do to abolish the industry. 

A strong education is being pushed as an encouragement to eating more healthy by growing vegetables in the garden and subsidizing seed prices and other measures.

“We would also put in place much greater funding resources for hospitals dealing with obesity and dramatically increase training and resources for more psychological counsellors to assist with supporting people who are trying to get this problem under control,” Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch concluded.


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