Solutions for Environmental Propaganda addressed by Michael Kay

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thisquality CEO Sam Hudson had to abruptly ask a question out loud as he was continuously ignored throughout a meet the candidates’ event held in Levin.

CEO Sam Hudson says: “I have a question for Michael Kay.”

“You pushing in are you?” a member of the audience said back to Sam Hudson — “Yep :-),” replies CEO Sam Hudson.


The question was to ATTICA Otaki Candidate Michael Kay to address the environmental propaganda, that the Greens seem to think isn’t, the hard truth is that by standards of ‘predator-free 2050’ — there will be no turning back. The damage that has been done to the conservation estate so far has been damaging enough since 1957 when first aerial drops of 1080 pellets started.

Michael Kay responds to Sam Hudson: “What Sam is talking about is its quite an interesting thing, it is normalising. It is really hard when you are talking about some of the things that we should be at odds of, roundup, 1080, anti-biotics; a lot of people worry about these sorts of things.”

“We have got to be able to have open discussions about them but what is happening is we’re normalising the use of an insecticide which has been spread right throughout the conservation estate, and there is a thought that we are having ‘some success’ with 1080 — we are absolutely not having success with 1080.”

Michael Kay says that jobs can be created right now, on the spot, and close the doors to 1080 poisoning of the environment.

This door closure with great success can bring back trapping and introduce a new system like a course for the younger generation to get into the industry to make money.

“1080 is, unfortunately, a registered insecticide and what it’s doing is it’s killing bio-diversity that is going right through, it means that the birds don’t have anything to eat. It kills the birds; it kills everything in our food basket.”

“If everything turns to shit, we can’t even go up there and harvest food because as you know, there is a 1080 drop that’s coming [in the Tararuas]. I don’t want to make this all about 1080, but absolutely the time is now for our district that we have to choose between 1080 as an insecticide that is going through the conservation estate or we choose to create jobs.”

“There is a hell of a lot of young people in this district that are self-organised, that are ready, willing and able to accept [Bernard Long’s (Greens Otaki Candidate)] jobs. They are ready, willing and wanting to go out as trappers, as hunters and harvest those furs [from possums],” concluded Michael Kay.

Michael says that the doors should be closed and new doors should be opened to a ‘completely different way’ of looking after the environment.

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