Southwards held to account following death of Dog after laying out poison

Southwards held to account following death of Dog after laying out poison

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A Facebook post brings to light a saddening ending to someones loved pet after Southwards laid out poison in hopes to kill invasive predators like rabbits.

The five-year-old Rough Collie named Storm suddenly lost her life on the morning of Tuesday.

Storm caught a rabbit on Sunday while in the area, it was suspected of being the cause of death.


No notice was given or known according to the owners that poison was laid out in the area. They also said that if they knew she was poisoned, Storm would have been taken straight to the vet for treatment.

“If [we] were to know it had been poisoned we would have taken her to the vet straight away.”

A similar situation happened when the owners’ neighbours had their dog pass away a week before, within the same scenario of events.

Local residents are being warned to keep their dogs on leashes within the area.

Southwards is yet to leave a comment on the situation.

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