Samuel Hudson

Samuel Hudson

Founder/Chief Executive

Lead team development and employment member at thisquality. As part of his role, he approves and publishes all editorial content written by Journalists on the website.

Hudson occasionally writes and produces his own publication content that is of public interest to the platform.


Priority 5
Credential ID 6645285

Felix Potts

Felix Potts


Crime, emergency and developing/breaking news Journalist at thisquality.

Potts works within the field of the Wellington region but remotely covers news up to the minute around Aotearoa New Zealand.


Priority 4
Credential ID 72855211

Jess Kimberly

Jess Kimberly

Community Writer/Social Media moderator

Joint story writer at thisquality.

Kimberly writes stories on the platform collaboratively and moderates @thisquality social media channels.


Priority 4
Credential ID 4983992

Sam Somers

Sam Somers

Community Writer

Original story writer at thisquality.

Somers writes stories on the platform that entices public interest engagement, particularly opinion pieces in the political sector.


Priority 1
Credential ID 2851155


Specifying authenticity;
How is a staff member authentic at thisquality? 

Each contracted or employed staff member and those voluntarily writing for the platform are given a unique credential identification number and physical badge card (if applicable) to cover certain news pieces or stories while attending media advisories.


Access to government firms and departments of that sectors' level requires strict protocols to be followed in agreement with the firm that expects news coverage. This means some staff may not be given/granted full credential level access to be allowed to attend depending on their unique credential badge card.


What are unique credential identification numbers for?

The numbers are unique to that specific staff member who is operating or has a reputation under the thisquality network brand between government, private and independent agreements.


They are used for dispatching staff members to certain events as a record of attendance.


Five types of priorities are granted:

*1 - Voluntary or community writing projects that do not involve monetary gain. Typically for portfolio gain in the public domain.
*2 - Training, student Journalist or for an educational/tertiary purpose e.g. a University.
*3 - Commercial use, such as a business using a paid license per month to submit press releases to the platform.
*4 - Editorial responsibility in the field of reporting news. This still requires edit approval from an L4.
*5 - Access to approve and make decisions surrounding the news that is published in the public domain.


How do we manage physical badge cards?

Each card has a unique identification number matching with an active QR Code. When a member of the public or authority scans the Code, it will provide the holder's contact details and status.


If a card is inactive and it has not been returned to thisquality after employment or contract ends, it will be deemed void. The card QR Code logs location coordinates and IP/MAC address of the device when it is scanned. If the card has not been returned for an undisclosed set period, the information provided will be automatically reported to authorities under the description of theft of company property. The holder could face charges if it is relevant.


Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy govern an authorisation, including non-disclosure contractual agreements between thisquality and the individual.

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