‘Stop Poisoning the Tararua Ranges’ event planned to acknowledge important solutions from locals

‘Stop Poisoning the Tararua Ranges’ event planned to acknowledge important solutions from locals

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On Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, a small local event will launch to focus on the issues around 1080 Poison & the upcoming Tararua Ranges 1080 Poison Aerial Drop.

The event starts at 5:30 pm at the Manakau Hall (12 Mokena Kohere St, Manakau) – Topics discussed will be alternatives to 1080 Poison Pellets, a cease and desist order will be signed and, a civil discussion from select speakers about the current issues surrounding 1080 Poison.

Kristal Waitoa is encouraging that everyone gets to listen in regardless of who they are.


“These types of events actually put a lot of pressure on DOC (Department of Conservation), on Councils… you know because they hold these meetings and they have their presentations about their recovery projects and TBFree. They don’t usually have opposition present at these meetings, and we’re never invited. They don’t invite us because people start questioning their motives. These events are held because of the non-consultation or improper consultation with iwi, hapu, and the locals. It happens everywhere. Everyone deserves the right to know that they can say, there are alternatives to poisoning indiscriminately, and it’s up to us, it’s our choice, not theirs👌.”

“They will listen if you’re present at their presentations and proposals; the hard part is being present. It’s good to have a lot of background knowledge too so you can dispute anything they claim, that you may think is untrue or misleading – which is almost everything,” says Kristal Waitoa.

Small foods & drinks will be provided, this incl Tea & Coffee. The hall will be providing warm heating due to the cold evening winter brush of the weather. The event is public, and anyone is welcome to join in and listen to the speakers. This includes inviting any iwi, hapu, farmers, hunters, fishers, and landowners in the wider Tararua Area.

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