Suicide Awareness Car Meetup For Many In Levin

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A car meetup for not just car lovers but for a reason.

Classic 1972 WOLSELEY w/ a cream White colour

On Saturday 4th of Jan, 2020 a suicide awareness car meet took place in Levin at two locations; one location was Adkin Avenue & the final location Salisbury St Parking.

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The car meet is run by this Facebook page/group with over 140+ people that were interested in going and or attended the event.

“SUICIDE AWARENESS MEET! HEY GUYS, since last year’s car meet went extremely well with people from Wellington and palmy joining us!! I am back again for the same if not BIGGER event this new year coming! Last year we had over 140 cars show up and almost 300 people show up to the after party

“Wear all the yellow you have! Cover your car or whatever vehicle you are bringing in yellow and let’s spread the word!” -was the group description

Josh Green being interviewed by our cameraman Josh, a local in Levin with his partner attended the event;

“Brought out the Toyota Altezza, we dressed her up; made it good for the cause you know. Support the local community!”

“This is what this event is about, promoting it! you youngsters even older.. you know, they are never alone and, you can always call on somebody – you need to know that somebody.”

“We are always going to be here, going to stand strong for this (the event and suicide awareness)” Said Josh.

Rosalie with her Father (off camera) attended the event;

“I am at the suicide awareness area. I am here to support my 5 friends that passed last year.”

“So I think this event is really good!”

“I believe it’d be good to come along and help out the community!” Said Rosalie.
Jxke Hohepa, the event organizer, raised $81.60 for suicide awareness to an org called Life Matters Trust Fund

Lifeline New Zealand: 0800 543 354

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