Supermarkets are now NZ’s second biggest market, National wants equality

Supermarkets are now NZ’s second biggest market, National wants equality

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Supermarkets, according to the Commerce Commission; who inquired into supermarkets, must now look into the government’s role in price increases.

National’s Commerce and Consumer Affairs spokesperson Todd McClay says that during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the government refused to allow butchers or fruit and veg shops to stay open.

“Through its term, the government has continued to add more costs to businesses through fuel tax increases and sharp increases to the minimum wage. It has now said it will hike costs on businesses by doubling sick leave, imposing 1970s-style employment laws and adding another public holiday at a cost to Kiwi businesses of $2.8b per year,” said Todd McClay.

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“These cost increases added by the Government will inevitably mean fewer jobs and higher prices for consumers.”

“About $2.8 billion of extra costs are about to be served onto businesses, and this will flow through to higher prices to consumers.”

National says the are supporting consumers, who are paying a fair price for their groceries, and that the government must play a role and be held accountable to not allowing supermarkets being able to take over markets and small businesses.

The government must do something to help consumers and every single business, not just cooperation. The government must also find ways to reduce costs on products and not piling more on them.

“Lowering costs to businesses will lead to greater affordability for consumers, that’s where the Government’s focus should be,” said Todd McClay.


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