Synlait fires racist Lee Williams for damaging company image in Public Domain

Synlait fires racist Lee Williams for damaging company image in Public Domain

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Milk company Synlait has fired Racist Lee Williams after a widespread campaign pushed for him to be sacked for posting white supremacist and racist content to his YouTube channel, Cross The Rubicon, which has over 15,700 subscribers.

The sacking of Mr Williams follows a petition that was set up calling for Synlait to investigate his actions online. It resulted in him being temporarily suspended for a three week period.

For the future, it does not look good now that he’s been conclusively removed from working at the company any longer.



The type of content posted online consisted of mocking Māori people, culture, history, heritage and political MPs such as Māori Party Co-leaders Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

Mocking Co-leader Waititi revealed levels of racism that had been very blatant in the public domain. Throughout the three week suspension, he’d mentioned Synlait a number of times — however, the videos along with hundreds of others were deleted within that time.

This situation primarily unfolded over disparities of the Māori Wards judgments that have been made, which is committed to uniting Aotearoa more than ever before.

A complaint was laid to Police from Te Pāti Māori as a result after a video was posted to YouTube by an individual, influenced by Mr Williams, inciting violence and threats to kill Māori people.

Source: CC/ YouTube

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Wednesday, he explained that a meeting was organised to determine whether he’d continue working at the company.

He could not exactly dispute or seem to understand the dismissal giving an indolent acknowledgment.

“Had a meeting with Synlait today, and they fired me. Apparently serious misconduct and bringing Synlait into disrepute,” he said.

“They’ve ended me, cancelled me.”

Source: CC/ YouTube

At around the five-minute mark in the video, Mr Williams puts blame on the Government and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as ‘being part of a plan’ to dismiss and cancel him.


“I believe this comes from the Government. From Jacinda Ardern, she’ll know about this, and the extremists of the Māori Party,” he said.

“The people that got me sacked, the people that shared this petition — they are the most powerful people in the country, believe it or not.”

Source: CC/ thisquality

His actions online posed dreadful consequences for the foreseeable future, resulting in him losing everything as part of a wild ‘midlife crisis’ roller coaster ride.

If you or someone else is believed to be in immediate danger, it is recommended to contact New Zealand Police directly on 111.

Any content that is thought to be objectionable should be reported to the Department of Internal Affairs. Alternatively, text or talk at 1737 with a trained counsellor 24 hours a day.

**Editor’s note: thisquality requested a comment from Synlait but they did not immediately respond.

Image: SUPPLIED/YouTube


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Lee is a friend of mine and a good bloke. Who ever wrote this rubbish does not know him. He works with and is friends with a number of people with Maori ethnicity. This is just the cancel culture claiming another scalp.

Stop crying magat. Your mate deserved it. You deserve the same and so does damien