Tararua Ranges: Department of Conservation warned not to drop 1080 over road closure for ‘slips’

Tararua Ranges: Department of Conservation warned not to drop 1080 over road closure for ‘slips’

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Department of Conservation (DOC) has been acting shady during recent times after iwi did not consent to a 1080 drop over the Tararua Ranges, ultimately, the Kāpiti Coast District Council has closed the roads going further into the Ōtaki Gorge due to ‘slip prone areas’.

In terms of DOC and their position, it sounds more like a complete lie to get away with a non-consented aerial 1080 drop operation behind locals backs’.

Locals have warned as thisquality understands, that DOC should not follow the traits of the past, repeating history that gives them a bad name.


Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The road up to Blue Bluff is open to residents only, as signs state on the way.

Upon arrival, a padlocked fence gate has signs attached reading that the area is prone to slips and to keep out.

The access road to Ōtaki Forks and Tararua Forest Park is closed to motorists and walkers.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson


Cracks have formed in the road at Blue Bluff, which is the reason for the closure during this time. The road does not have a set date to reopen as there is no timeframe given.

It is unsafe to drive on for vehicles and also for people to cross as it is at risk of cracking further.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The road was assessed by geotechnical experts, and they will continue to monitor and investigate further.

DOC says on their website that they are working to find alternative public access to the huts and walks around Tararua Forest Park.

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