‘the death of Queenstown’ Judith Collins encourages trans-Tasman bubble

‘the death of Queenstown’ Judith Collins encourages trans-Tasman bubble

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National Party Leader Judith Collins says the trans-Tasman bubble needs to be opened, or the ‘death of Queenstown’ is as of late for the Government to get a move on.

Abruptly Collins says there should be quarantine-free travel with Australia.

“There’s no good reason why we can’t have quarantine-free travel with Australia right now. Australia did it for New Zealanders last October, but our Government won’t return the favour,” said Ms Collins.

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“Australia has proven it can be done safely, but after nine months and 12 rounds of talks, our Government still hasn’t moved.”

Those that arrive from Australia would be required to show evidence of a negative pre-departure test within 72 hours of travel. Isolation wouldn’t be required.

A petition was set up by the National Party, amassing over five thousand signatures, will introduce a change that is made in order for a quarantine-free travel bubble to give a lifeline in the tourism industry which will include benefits to the economy.

“Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he’s keen for Australians to come to New Zealand and support our tourism sector, so what are we waiting for? Our tourism industry is on its knees; a bubble would be the lifeline they need,” said Ms Collins.

“Managed isolation is overrun with long delays because 40 per cent of places are being taken up by Kiwis returning from Australia where there is little if any, risk of Covid-19. A bubble will free up space, meaning more room for Kiwis abroad trying to get home and our critical workers.”

Well-deserved, a travel bubble will open up and bring new opportunities with it following a delay of negotiations.

“New Zealanders deserve a travel bubble with Australia and the benefits it brings. There’s no reason for the Government to continue to delay. Like New Zealand, Australia has done a great job at eliminating Covid-19,” said Ms Collins.

“It’s time the Government takes the next step and opens up the trans-Tasman bubble.”

“We have, at the moment, Queenstown and other towns dependent on tourism which are actually dying. And if the Prime Minister doesn’t pull finger and get on with this [she is] going to end up with the death of Queenstown on her,” reports the NZ Herald.

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