The education system is a mess, will the Government fix it?

The education system is a mess, will the Government fix it?


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OPINION:Across all school levels in the education sector, young children have declined chances to play with new ideas and innovation to drive their future.

During the school level progression, there’s less chance for collaboration, working outside or across certain boundaries; taking risks and problem-solving.

Schooling and teaching fail to create a future for when these children become adults, and that needs to urgently change for them to succeed in the world that we all live in. There are some good teachers but not enough.

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The lack of creativity has vanished from school boards to educate properly, mainly due to government policies stopping that for the last few decades.

The implications of this are very dangerous for the future of democratic citizenship, work and a students well-being.

The focus on literacy and numeracy for decades was at the expense of everything else schools could and should have done to protect the future of a student. 

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