The hard reality of stopping 1080, ‘It is about our children’

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Trim Jasmin Gage who is a 1080 poison opposer has had enough of the lies and deceiving that DOC (Department of Conservation) and OSPRI (Operational Solutions for Primary Industries) have against the people, especially when they do not send out representatives to speak to the people on why they do aerially drop 1080 poison around New Zealand, so protestors better understand or can have a debate about the atrocious propaganda they spit out to the public.

New Zealand isn’t North Korea, it’s really a shame that the land of this country is being destroyed, even bio-diverse life-like bugs and insects, no wonder birds don’t congregate at their back yard because there just isn’t anything for them to eat hence why they come to civilisations.

Trim, who has opposed 1080 for years and attended many upon many protests in hopes DOC would come to a resolution of speaking to the people; has not happened and he’s not happy with the way they act and treat people.


“I’m asking for you whanau that are the ones still on it, still with the manga [river] aye not the money. That we protect these sacred things that were given to us. It’s poison whanau, how can you not get it into your heads. 1080 poison bait and nothing will ever take in. Why do you think these people are paying us to poison our own lands.”

A protest is planned to oppose the use of 1080 drops around the country, organised by Trims team, based in Te Kaha on October 3.

“We are going to protest, peacefully, of course. Peacefully but with mana, with ihi, with pride to save these sacred things that were given to us. I hope we have the support of everyone because this is how we are going to look at it. Please don’t look at it as a money sense, look at it as a mana sense.”

He says that ‘our children and our children’s children’ will experience that in another 10-20 years if the land keeps getting poisoned, something is going to ‘give’ and encouraged the higher-ups to drink a cup of water in front of him filled with 1080 — ‘I might reconsider, but I bet you they won’t’ says Trim. 

Trim says there isn’t an exact location planned for ‘rocktober’ on October 3 but it will be coming around he says.

“I am going to do everything I can to stop this drop. I am going to do everything I can to stop all drops, personally, this is home. Even though this is all of Aotearoa [New Zealand] is home, this is hitting home now Sage [Eugenie Sage] you’ve hit the hard mouth offering my people millions, of course, they are going to take it.”

“You will find out, please spread the word,” said Trim.

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