thisquality beats competition with local newspapers, 4.7% high

thisquality beats competition with local newspapers, 4.7% high

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thisquality CEO Sam Hudson announced on Tuesday evening that an all-time high beat local newspapers, where the company operates and was created.

On Facebook, the company has received 2,000+ engagements within the last week.

The page does not have as many followers as the other local newspapers but shows the growth and competition is doing far better.

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“thisquality is growing and getting more engagements than our local newspapers,” says CEO Sam Hudson on Twitter.

“We may be lower on the list but that does not mean anything. We’re 4.7% higher in the last week than all combined.”

Source: SUPPLIED/Facebook

Last week, 60+ articles were made; comparing it to some of the larger names, Kāpiti News, Kapiti Observer, Ōtaki Today, and Kāpiti Independent News who have more attention but post less.

thisquality focuses on stories that matter, with proper quality.

Tech and online reading are the new normal, as the print industry dies out, new rivals will appear.

CEO Sam Hudson hopes to see more growth in the company to further compete with mainstream — “It is a long way-away at the moment, for the most part, we’re doing better than our local newspapers which means we sure are doing something good for our local communities to produce REAL independent stories that matter,” he said.


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