thisquality employs Video Database over Current Affairs Censorship

thisquality employs Video Database over Current Affairs Censorship

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thisquality developed a video player, not the best looking. It works and functions as it should, however.

A new video database was implemented into the company website backend. Moreover, assuring content is held liable and protected under New Zealand laws and regulations surrounding owned asset content by private independent news companies.

Spreading Current Affairs news that matters to our audience and readers is the number one priority to remain professional in reporting accurate, real and quality news and stories.


Source: CC/ YouTube

YouTube removed two videos deeming them both as inappropriate; one being President Donald J. Trump, who told the protestors to go home over violence and havoc caused. Big Tech heavily censored the content on all social media platforms suppressing the idea of viewing the video. Further, they suspended the President’s account on Twitter.

As a result, the two videos were uploaded to the thisquality database and reshared to social media in an article or publication format, not a video asset hosted on their platform(s) — the next morning Twitter mass-suspended thousands of accounts for associating with the video. The company account (@thisquality) and CEO Sam Hudson (@SamQHudson) were both suspended without a full detailed reason.

The video player comes to light since thisquality became victim to a ‘QAnon’ ban wave.

Source: CC/ Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, over 70,000 accounts were suspended or removed from Twitter on January 11 for inciting violence or spreading conspiracies regarding the January 6 Washington, D.C., terror attacks where protestors stormed the Capitol.

thisquality assures readers that it does not associate with any sort of groups as a company and that the news it acquires comes from official Government and independent owned newswires from within New Zealand and around the world.


Any video content is now automatically backed up into the newly implemented database from either YouTube, Facebook or Instagram accounts to ensure content integrity so it can be used in the legal system if Big Tech decides to remove it over policy or terms of service violations.

A new logging system was implemented into the thisquality website API to connect, detect and document when a social media ban or removal occurs to use in the courts as proof of censorship when it comes to genuine news content becoming suppressed.

CEO Sam Hudson of thisquality addressed the suspension of two Twitter accounts on Wednesday, where he planed to take it further into the courts over Current Affairs limitations of the recent censorship.

Lawyers were appointed at a Government level on January 14 to investigate further on incoming alert checks that thisquality has generously provided to report back to the High Courts in-case action may need to be taken further against Big Tech companies involved in Current Affairs censoring of privately owned assets.



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