thisquality LLC is now officially public!

thisquality LLC is now officially public!


Welcome to our new re-brand from “SAMMIEPLAYS LLC.” 

It’s super exciting to have you visit us & we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for our audience.

Just some of the stories we will cover & topics are below:

  • Coronavirus
  • Health
  • New Zealand Outdoors related posts
  • Police, Crime, EMS & Fire
  • Local township stories
  • Investigative journalism

There is much much more that we will report on as a brand.

Our stories will be reported for who we are & what we do; it’s relatively simple & in our name.

We will notify QUALITY stories mainly through video, as that is our strong point. 

thisquality aims to be the next big media icon that tells the real story and tell the truth for the public to witness without bias like other mainstream media.

The format to read articles is easy and straightforward; we will never spam our page with advertisements as that’s not what we strive for.


Enjoy the website! ^Sam Hudson 

Do you have a story? send newstips to [email protected]