Thousands of Animals continue to suffer as live exports carry on

Thousands of Animals continue to suffer as live exports carry on

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As part of Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day, Governments are pressured to end live export trade around the world by concerned activists.

New Zealand will be putting an end to livestock exports by sea, but there has yet to be a date announced in which the operations would come to a stop.

In April, Agricultural Minister Damien O’Connor said trade would be ceased within a two year time period.



SAFE Campaigns Manager Bianka Atlas warns that there may be more suffering if it continues any longer.

“Two years is too long. If the Government is serious about animal welfare, they should move to protect the thousands of animals who will continue to suffer in live export by stopping this trade immediately,” Atlas said.

Live export ship Maysora will arrive at Ahuriri Port next week, including Yangtze Harmony, around June 23.

In 2018 the Maysora ship was put under investigation by animal welfare inspectors while docked at Fremantle in Australia. It was found that sheep could not lie down without being stomped and trampled on, including having restricted access to food and water.

Manure made things worse for the animals and their welfare while onboard the ship before leaving the port.

Source: CC/ Adobe Stock

“We are concerned that New Zealand animals will be facing similar issues on board this ship,” Atlas said.

“In light of the fact that live exports always pose animal welfare challenges, the Government must announce an immediate ban.”

Image: SUPPLIED/Shutterstock [Maysora ship]

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