Thug graffiti’s wrong area code on Kite Festival signage, Ōtaki

Thug graffiti’s wrong area code on Kite Festival signage, Ōtaki

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A thug tagged on an Ōtaki Kite Festival signage on Tuesday evening, Dec. 1, and got away with it.

The images were posted to Facebook by the Ōtaki Kite Festival page.

The tagging, which is illegal, reads: “04 – 364”.


Ōtaki’s area code is 6, and dialling code is +64 6. 

“0.5 out of 10 for artistic skill (and that’s really 0.5 for participation.”

“0 out of 10 for intelligence.”

The graffiti was removed with an aggressive solvent.

The New Zealand Police states defacing property by graffiti vandalism is an act of intentional damage, constituting a criminal offence, carrying a penalty of up to three months imprisonment or a fine of up to $2,000.

“If ignored, the spread of graffiti in the street can convey a visible message that the community is not concerned about appearance, and does not care. Apart from the potential lowering of property values, an image of urban decay can generate a fear of neighbourhood crime and may attract more crime.”

It is essential to know where the offender(s) are observed in the act of committing graffiti crime, that the Police are called immediately. The Police member answering the call should be clearly advised that the offender is under observation, or has just left.

“If you have a camera or video camera, you could photograph the offender(s), if you can safely do so without alerting them and placing yourself at risk. A clear view of offenders and actions may be obscured by vehicles, walls, shrubbery, inadequate lighting, and distance, but as far as possible.”

“If Police are delayed as a result of attendance at other incidents, make a written record of what you have observed, as this will be helpful for Police inquiries. A record of the tag will also be helpful. If it is not your property that has been vandalized, and it is practical to do so, you could either contact or leave a note, for the owner, advising that you witnessed the offence.”

Police have not found the person committing graffiti crime.

Images: Ōtaki Kite Festival


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