Tony Hitchocck: New Zealand Laws on Sentient Beings & 1080 Poison Pellets

Tony Hitchocck: New Zealand Laws on Sentient Beings & 1080 Poison Pellets

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Speaker Tony Hitchocck expressed his opinion on a change to the New Zealand laws recognizing that animals, like humans, are “sentient” beings. This describes a creature that can suffer and feel pain. Generally, in law, a sentient being is one with the faculty of sensation and the power to perceive, reason, and think.

“The government signed a declaration making all animals sentient beings. My good friend who cares for cats goats and chickens and unwittingly possums which have never stolen eggs or harassed chickens or birds. Possums are herbivores, and they don’t actually eat meat or eggs.”


“People still believe the old DOC (Department of Conservation) adverts that 1080 targets only possums and rats, so there it is, a few years ago now- I was stunned. Of course, 1080 kills birds and eels and anything that eats the carcasses thereof. So these sentient beings as our government call them, spend hours, days, dying in agony. It is a complete over-kill.”

Tony says that his speech was his personal feelings and just have a taringa with the audience to cool off about his anger towards DOC (Department of Conservation and OSPRI), not listening to people just like him that have serious concerns about the future of 1080 poisoning.

“To walk on a 10km round trip and not to hear a single living thing a week after 1080 poison (drops) – just try it your selves, that’s all I can say. Talk to someone who has (made a 10km round trip in the bush) just do it your self honestly. Seeing an animal die because of the crap, you know if you need to kill something, have the balls to do it yourself and do it with your own hands. Don’t leave it to this 1080 crap.”

Source: Facebook - Tony Hitchocck

After making a Facebook post with some photos and videos, which showed no sound of any biodiverse life inside the proposed Tararua 1080 poison area. A few locals wanted to see what it was like up in the drop zone for them selfs and asked Tony to guide them to the spot he had taken the photos & video.

“I was really honored to do this, and it’s an experience which I’ll never forget. We found tracks that had warning signs saying there was a slip hazard, and you can no longer go further. I promise you, and there was no slip there because I spent six hours in the area, and there’s no slip to be seen. There are just 1080 pellets and carcasses. At this point in time, I was beginning to think maybe DOC and the government is not telling us the exact truth about this. All I saw was a shocking disregard for our natural back yard.”

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