Trevor Mallard removes signs and flag during a peaceful Public Health Response Bill protest

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Source: Sam Hudson

During a peaceful Public Health Response Bill protest at Parliament’s grounds in Wellington City, on Wednesday. Trevor Mallard Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives had walked straight past the peaceful crowd protesting, towards a sign that read “REPEAL COVID-19 Public Health Response ACT” to remove it.

After removing the sign, protesters had mixed hopes on what Trevor Mallard would do next.


Source: Sam Hudson

As he walks over to the steel fences that barricade the parliament stairs from access, Trevor looks straight ahead as if he’d spark some more anger from the crowd to remove another sign, and he then walks over to attempt to remove the sign. As the sign was sellotaped to the fence, Trevor decided to try to remove a Maori flag but also failed too as it was also sellotaped to the fence.

By the time this all occurred, the crowd was furious at Trevor for not explaining what he was doing. Trevor walks away from the group without any comment.

Parliament rules and regulations state that no structure, such as a tent may be erected. Only handheld signs are permitted & participants must not mount to the main steps nor interfere with the use of Parliament buildings.

“He walked past us all and didn’t say a single word to the crowd. So, this is what’s happened when our Parliament has forgotten that they are here to represent the people, and this is a really important thing. The election is in three months, and we need to elect a government that understands their role is to represent the people and to be a voice for the people,” said Sue Grey, the protest organiser & Co-Leader of the NZ Outdoors Party.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Trevor only went outside to remove the signs and only did this after mainstream media had left. Though, before Trevor went out, the protesters were shouting “SHOW YOUR FACE” at the parliament buildings. This most likely encouraged him to spark an affair with the crowd after protesting for over two hours.

The first sign on the grass that was removed was manned for most of the protest and, the writing was about repealing the Public Health Response Act.

“Today we’ve been here at the protest, and it’s been a very very good peaceful protest except for the actions of the New Zealand speaker of the house Trevor Mallard who seemed to have a sudden rush of blood to the head. The protestors were being very very dignified and asked Trevor if he would like to speak, but, he instead decided to want to take down the banners and act as the parliamentary janitor,” said Michael Kay, Otaki Candidate for the NZ Outdoors Party.

“Interesting that not one politician came outside, some of them looked from windows but not one of them came out to talk to the crowd. Now, where is democracy when the politicians hide behind the laws and the police? Absolutely disgusting,” said Alan Simmons, leader of the NZ Outdoors Party.

Image: SUPPLIED/CC Sam Hudson

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