Trucking company fined $15,000 for discharging contaminated wash water

Trucking company fined $15,000 for discharging contaminated wash water

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A trucking company based in Marlborough called Broadbridge Transport Ltd was convicted and fined $15,000 as it discharged truck wash water onto land.

The nearby School Creek waterway in Renwick became contaminated as a result.

Truck operators washed their vehicles at the company Renwick wash station. The facility was not designed to manage large volumes of trucks being washed. The residue left over from wash water was contaminated by crushed grapes and grape waste, which flowed into a roadside drain discharging it into the Creek.


The local Council did tests which unveiled that the creek was severely consumed of oxygen. This resulted in ecological effects, including killing eels. In addition, water in the Creek turned orange and created a strong sulphurous odour.

Broadbridge directors pleaded guilty to offences made under the Resource Management Act. Restorative justice methods with the Council were agreed upon.

The company will be making commitments to environmental improvement propositions for the Creek over a period of the next three years.

Costs were awarded to the Council.

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