Twitter Bot set up to encourage more positive messages towards Women Candidates

Twitter Bot set up to encourage more positive messages towards Women Candidates

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Areto Labs, who has launched a Twitter bot called @ParityBOT_NZ is aiming to encourage a positive message towards woman candidates during the General Elections for 2020 in New Zealand—dismantling online toxicity.

Their vision is an equal balance for humanity for a more positive internet.

The tech startup is collaborating with Jacqueline Comer, who is a creative technologist. 

The Twitter Bot uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to determine what tweets are hateful or negative towards women political candidates and responds with positive comments, to raise more awareness about online abuse faced by women political figures campaigning online.

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“Women in politics face a disproportionate amount of online abuse and cite online toxicity as a major barrier to running for office. We grew frustrated by the lack of solutions, so we developed this tool to help” says Areto Labs co-founder and COO Kasey Machin.

The Bot aims to be ‘tech for good’ by using technology to build humanity in the political spectrum and the world of things where women partake in campaigning.

The company launched the ParityBOT in Canada in 2018 for the Alberta provincial elections. The Bot was also running during the Canadian federal election in 2019.

“We are looking to further expand the bot in the future, and are working on launching ParityBOT_US later this year,” said Areto Labs.

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