Twitter experiences large worldwide outage

Twitter experiences large worldwide outage

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Twitter went down on Friday, appearing to be a global outage according to user reports.

The problem began at 10:35 am on Friday, New Zealand time. Users were unable to send any new tweets.

The website initially remained accessible to accounts that were verified and some un-verified, but an error message become a lot more common to a lot of users a short time later.


“Error. Something went wrong, but don’t fret – it’s not your fault,” the message said.


The Twitter API Status webpage says they are investigating ‘irregularity with Twitter APIs’ — further saying they are currently continuing to investigate the issue and monitor it.

Just after 11:00 am, the website was once again accessible, but some users have reported they were still unable to send any new tweets.

The cause of Friday’s outage is not immediately known.


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