Twitter plans to rollout ‘undo send’ feature for paying users

Twitter plans to rollout ‘undo send’ feature for paying users

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Twitter is testing a feature that would give users an ‘undo send’ function that allows a tweet to be withdrawn before it is posted.

Jane Manchun Wong, who finds unannounced social media features and is an app researcher, found the feature in the sites’ code.

The animation shows a tweet with a spelling error and an ‘undo’ button that presents a short-timer.


The feature is being tested as part of a subscription model trial on how they could work on the platform as over-time paid-for features will be implemented.

Paid subscription models would reduce dependence on ad revenue.

Systems like ‘super follow’ would let users charge their followers for access to exclusive content, which will be a feature launched this year.

Image: Techcrunch

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