Twitter suspends Linwood’s account in attempt to allegedly bypass ban

Twitter suspends Linwood’s account in attempt to allegedly bypass ban

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Tech giant Twitter has allegedly suspended Linwood’s account because he created another account in order to tweet again, bypassing a temporary 12 hour post-ban.

On the alternative platform to Twitter named Parler, Linwood announced in a post he will be tweeting on a brand new account (@FightBackLaw) until his temporary ban would be lifted on his main account (@llinwood).

The ban made it so Linwood could not post for a set period of time. Twitter later suspended his account for ‘unknown’ reasons. thisquality understands it was due to the new account being made.

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“I am now posting on Twitter @fightbacklaw until Jack the Commie lifts my suspension tomorrow,” Linwood wrote.

“Patriots must ALL be prepared to stand tall. Do not seek to do violence but be prepared to defend yourselves & your family.”

The @FightBackLaw account on Twitter was suspended within 30 minutes of it being created according to reports.


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