Twitter suspends thisquality account and CEO account

Twitter suspends thisquality account and CEO account

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Twitter suspended the @thisquality account and CEO Sam Hudsons’ @SamQHudson account early Wednesday morning.

The suspensions come to light following the President of the United States Donald J. Trump becoming suspended for inciting violence on Twitter.

It is noted that the company is purging a large mass of accounts who mention Trump, reply to accounts related to the topics-alike Trump or simply for ‘spam’ of particular topics in the political spectrum.

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Some purges are by mistake, and an appeal process is available.

thisquality believes there was no reason to suspend any account as there were no rules broken — imminently the ban was insufficient for related terms regarding mass censorship.

CEO Sam Hudson sent a warning to tech giant YouTube for removing two videos that were classed as Current Affairs, not breaking any New Zealand laws for objectionable content that was not non-objectionable.

thisquality as a company is likely to pursue legal cases in the near future following tech censorship of Current Affairs news that shouldn’t be banned or removed because it does not break any Privacy, Terms of Use’ or Terms of Service’ guidelines the tech companies employ of an organisation’s private assets.


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