Two cases of COVID-19 confirmed on the Sofrana Surville ship

Two cases of COVID-19 confirmed on the Sofrana Surville ship

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The Ministry of Health has announced to media on Thursday afternoon that test results from two crew members onboard the Sofrana Surville have returned as positive.

The crew members support the hypothesis that the port worker reported on Sunday by the Ministry could have been infected while working onboard.

The Sofrana Surville travelled from Papua New Guinea to the Solomon Islands to Brisbane to Tauranga to Auckland, where eight crew joined it from the Philippines on October 13.


The worker who was on board the Sofrana Surville on October 12 and 13 conducting maintenance work was wearing personal protective equipment.

A genome sequence of the virus that the worker contracted has not been in seen in New Zealand before.

The Sofrana Surville then travelled to Noumea and is now in Australia. Health authorities in Australia have this afternoon confirmed to the Ministry of Health that of the 19 crew members on board, three show evidence of a current or previous COVID-19 infection.

The first person returned a negative PCR test and a positive serology test which indicates they have previously been infected with COVID-19, they have now recovered.

A second person appears to be at the end of a recent infection which returned a weak positive PCR test, including a positive serology test.

The third person returned a positive test with results indicating a mild-late current infection.

“Australian authorities are carrying out whole genome sequencing on the positive cases which will help further determine if the infected crew members are the likely source of the port worker’s infection,” said the Ministry of Health.

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