Two drunk Men allegedly point Guns at people on a Dunedin Beach

Two drunk Men allegedly point Guns at people on a Dunedin Beach

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According to NZ Herald, two drunk men were arrested after allegedly waving a rifle and a blank firing pistol at people on Dunedin’s Tomahawk Beach on Monday.

Police were called at around 9:15 pm yesterday.

The two men were found near the beach access point when Police officers arrived at the scene.

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A member of the public reported seeing them fire live pellets at a duck.

A 28-year-old man carried the alleged rifle and blank firing pistol. An 18-year-old man was carrying air rifle pellets and an instruction manual for the gun.

Acting Police Sergeant Richard Kupenga said to NZ Herald that the two men dropped their firearms before getting arrested by officers responding to the report.

The two men were given a warning. No further details were supplied.


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