Two Men rescued after they were thrown from their Jetski, Wellington

Two Men rescued after they were thrown from their Jetski, Wellington

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Two men were rescued in Wellington’s Harbour after being thrown from their Jetski. The Police Maritime Unit onboard the Lady Elizabeth IV come to rescue the two men.

Both men were on the Jetski travelling from Petone beach to Wellington — while on the trip,  they were flung from the Jetski into the cold water by a large wave.

The men were both wearing life jackets.

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The Jetski began to drift away from them. One of the men had attempted to retrieve it but was unsuccessful, not being able to catch it.

After figuring out that their Jetski was no longer near them, the two men had come up with a plan to swim for the shore, which was roughly 1.5km away from them.

One of the men had a phone on them, which was water-resistant, so he called Police after being in the water for around half an hour. 

Police said that a mayday relay was broadcasted and a search was conducted immediately with the help of Centreport harbour pilot boat, two tug boats and the Coastguard. 

The men were both pulled from the water a short time later, where one had to be treated for hypothermia symptoms.

Image: SUPPLIED/NZ Police

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