Two people have been charged in relation to fatal Southland crash

Two people have been charged in relation to fatal Southland crash

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In a media release, Police have said two 21-year-old men have been charged in relation to a fatal crash on SH6 in Winton on 16 February.

20-year-old Thalia Jayden Newport of Invercargill, died when a van rolled on State Highway 6 near Gap Rd West at around 4.45 am over on Sunday.

Earlier, police said there were eight occupants involved that sustained injuries ranging from moderate to severe.

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One has been charged with endangering life by the criminal nuisance.

The other has been charged with one count of careless driving, causing death, and seven charges of reckless driving causing injury.

Both are due to appear in Invercargill District Court on 13 August.

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