Two people suddenly die next to COVID-19 testing site in China

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has spread around the world from Wuhan, where it originated during the Chinese New year of 2020.

People who suffer ‘sudden collapses’ have resurfaced. From the latest, occurring in Langfang city where the virus has hit its hardest in northern China’s Hebei province.

On January 11 a video surfaced on Chinese social media showing two people lying on the ground stationary next to a local COVID-19 testing site.


Many residents at the time were queuing for COVID-19 testing.

Full-body protected health officials in suits can be seen attempting to do CPR on the patient(s). There wasn’t a sign of any vitals returning either.

China’s National Health Commission claims that, so far, there has only been one reported COVID-19 death in the past eight months in China.

Hebei province reported the death on Jan. 13. The previous official death reported of COVID-19 in China was in Jilin province on May 16, 2020.

There have been waves of outbreaks around the world that numbers of deaths are reported but in provinces of China, state media tend to censor or not give it any attention. The Chinese Government tend to silence whistleblowers who expose what is going on about deaths related to COVID-19.

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