U.S. Airstrike kills Leader of ISIS in Iraq

U.S. Airstrike kills Leader of ISIS in Iraq

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On Wednesday the ISIS Commander, Jabbar Salman Ali Farhan al-Issawi, aged 43, was killed in a joint mission with U.S. and Iraqi forces near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

American-led military coalition and Iraqi officials confirmed on Friday of the happenings. Nine other ISIS soldiers were killed in operation.

Reportedly the American-led coalition has a policy which allows them to not leave any comments on which airstrikes countries conduct. Iraqi senior security officials who were not authorized to release the information said that a U.S. aircraft carried out the strikes.

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thisquality understands, according to reports, that the attack was aimed at stemming the group’s resurgence and rigorous retribution for a deadly double-suicide bombing in Baghdad last week.

Coalition spokesman, Col. Wayne Marotto, called the death of Mr. al-Issawi ‘a significant blow’ to the Islamic State’s efforts to regroup.

Marotto said that Iraqi counterterrorism forces led the killing operation with air, surveillance and intelligence support.

According to an Iraqi military statement, Iraqi and American officials have also said that the operation killing Mr. al-Issawi was ‘months in the making’ — the order included raids on ISIS guest homes by Iraqi counterterrorism forces.

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