UK COVID-19 mutation ‘most likely’ in the United States

UK COVID-19 mutation ‘most likely’ in the United States

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According to Colorado health officials, a new COVID-19 mutation that originated in the United Kingdom is now ‘most likely’ in the United States.

White House testing czar Brett Giroir says the virus is likely to be in the United States but stressed that there is no evidence yet of its presence, The Hill reported.

“We don’t have proof that it’s here, but we do suspect that it is likely here, given the global interconnectedness,” he said.  — “We have no evidence that it’s here. It’s certainly not widespread here,” he added.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the strain could be up to seventy percent more transmittable. Now it is likely to be in the United States spreading.

There’s little information about the new variant in terms of studies and research.

Scientists in the United Kingdom have warned the world that the new variant is more transmittable than the normal strain of COVID-19.


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