Uncovering Biodiversity at a 1080 Drop Zone

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One of the first mini-documentary premiers exclusive to thisquality ORIGINALS showcases Michael Kay and Mike ILES pushing for a change by going to a drop zone to check on the insect life, soil quality, and density of birdlife.

The 1080 drop operation in the Tararuas is scheduled for late winter and run by both OSPRI at OSPRI’s Northern Tararua Operational Boundary and DOC (Department of Conservation) at DOC’s Tiakina Ngā Manu – Project Kākā Operational Boundary.

Source: Michael Kay


The episode released on Wednesday, 24 June featuring the two Mike’s driving to the drop zone, arriving at a padlocked gate further blocking the gravel road leading to the Tararua Holiday Park.

Michael Kay inspects the soil quality in four different areas at Project Kākā’s Operational Boundary zone, the soil quality looks light brown at two different spots showing no bounce of life and also at a third spot, only to find one Worm at the fourth spot, the grass was a lot greener & dirt was a lot richer compared to the third spot.

Source: Mike ILES

Mike ILES on hearing minimal birds after an hour of walking in the bush was concerned for the bio-diversity lacking in the area.

Birds depend on bio-diverse life in the wild, and if there’s no food to feed off, they will not return to an unreliable food source.


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