Unregistered political group ATTICA gets their very own Wikipedia page

Unregistered political group ATTICA gets their very own Wikipedia page

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On one afternoon, Sam Hudson who is the CEO of thisquality was assisting his clients from ATTICA; during the moment while assisting with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) he comes across a Wikipedia page that was made hours before initially discovering and viewing it.

The Wiki page was made by user IdiotSavant who focuses on topics around politics and also the UN.

The user owns a website called No Right Turn, as also called New Zealand’s liberal blog [Twitter] who follows the extinction rebellion movement, make it 16 voting rights and supports buying locally made products that are not from Australia — a controversial means but a great pleasure to see Attica Project on Wikipedia.

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The blog goes back as far as February of 2003 and has over 10,000+ articles.

ATTICA who is a brand new unregistered political party was very surprised to see their very own Wikipedia page, and in hopes, are advancing faster than most unregistered political parties in 2020.

What was not included was the large team behind ATTICA, also that thisquality has also been promoting the work that made the the group more wide-spread and known with networking.

Michael Kay who is running for the Otaki electorate as a Candidate founded the party with Mike ILES, who is running for Mana, had left the Outdoors Party previously after a big downfall of getting nowhere in terms of the policy.

Michael explains in a video after leaving the party, saying that Attica Project isn’t just about himself or Mike ILES, there is a larger group that are working together behind the scenes to progress with releasing policy and creating the next game-changing political party for New Zealand.

“I started with the New Zealand Outdoors Party as I really just wanted to contribute to policy and as people that do this, it is an unpaid thing, and it’s a service that you do when you become part of a political party, and that’s why we chose to call Attica a Project because a policy is a very important part of this process.”

“The other side to that is what is Attica, is the birthplace of democracy, and the idea of that democracy is that each person is a representative of that part or district or region it has become very clear just in the last few weeks that we are sort of yet again another government that is about to go to recess. We really only know four or five people, and we only are getting to know other people within that government now or even in the opposition as they are getting into trouble for things that they have done in their personal life.”

The party hopes to follow the environment movement of being more healthy and bringing back quality nutrients for soil and diverse life in the soil to thrive.

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