Upskilling ‘digital technology’ over a Pandemic is ridiculous – opinion

Upskilling ‘digital technology’ over a Pandemic is ridiculous – opinion


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#OPINION: Upskilling technology over an excuse of a current Pandemic is a poor and clear example of choices when opportunities were always available in the past. This time, however, is so we become ‘happy.’

A newswire publication from Make Lemonade to press says that ‘COVID-19 accelerates the need for the entirety of New Zealand’s population to upskill’ — accordingly digital skills are an ‘essential’ part of our daily lives, but that is no excuse to use it for the wrong reasons.

Because the Pandemic has created a new opportunity of ‘working from home’ it makes the country look lazier than ever when it comes to the advances of technology.

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Buy New Zealand Made should create opportunities in creating technology made in our country, including industries that can advance our backyard that allows for new jobs outdoors, not just working at home. Who wants to be locked up at home 24/7?

According to a Digital Skills Aotearoa survey, it says that technology does impact every sector around the country. However, it should not be used to create a narrative that advancing technology is for a good cause over as-said; a Pandemic.

The technology advancing is more focused on agritech, fintech and health-tech — where is the REAL Envirotech and the investments made into something that can make our backyard and most toxic lake in New Zealand (Lake Horowhenua) more healthy? These are the types of questions that the Government fails to follow suit and answer in order to prosper a proper change with advancing technology.

COVID-19 reportedly accelerated digitalisation around the world and as technology rises, education about it and what it can create can have the potential to have in both ways, good and bad, that could have certain impacts on the way society operates.

The survey suggests that automation technologies, mostly machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence, will offer 97 percent of New Zealand businesses the ability to extend their reach and productivity — at the same time jobs are being lost.

Will we be happy and own nothing by 2030 as the World Economic Forum suggests?

Automation for the wrong reasons can have a huge impact on the way we live. For good.


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