Vehicle theft-related incidents on the rise in Wairarapa

Vehicle theft-related incidents on the rise in Wairarapa

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Wairarapa Police are asking the community to keep their vehicles and belongings inside their vehicles secure after crime rates have risen in recent time involving theft-related incidents.

Reports indicate that there has been an increase in vehicle-related offending within the area, such as vehicles being broken into or stolen.

Police gave thanks to callers and people of the public that provided information to combat the growing problem.


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Several youths in relation to this offending have been apprehended and are being dealt with through the Youth Court and by Youth Aid.

It is advised that people should park in well-lit areas if on the street or down driveways where they will be less visible from the road. In addition, removing valuables from vehicles is suggested; this includes getting vehicle alarms.

“Vehicles left with valuable items in plain sight can create an opportunity for offenders on the lookout for easy targets,” a statement reads.

“Wairarapa Police take this sort of offending seriously, and we welcome help and information from the community that can assist us in preventing further thefts.”

If you see any suspicious activity, such as people loitering around vehicles or looking into car windows, please contact Police immediately by phoning 111.

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