Video shows Monolith appear at Christchurch Adventure Park

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Twitter user Juliet Speedy posted a video tweet showing a mysterious monolith that appeared in Christchurch’s Port Hills overnight on Saturday.

Questions were raised in the comments of the Facebook post indicating it was aliens that put it there. Others were curious to know what the meaning is for the mysteriously appearing monoliths.

Around the world, the same monoliths have been popping up out of the ground overnight, and then the next day it has been either taken or removed.

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It is unknown who is behind the plot, and it could be just one big marketing campaign for an upcoming movie, an event, or just for a laugh.

Source: CC/ Christchurch Adventure Park

The monolith was captured in an image and posted to Christchurch Adventure Park’s Facebook page.

“Does anyone know what this is or where it has come from? As we genuinely don’t,” the Park wrote.

It is unclear how it appeared. Nor is the park aware of where it has come from.

Video/Image: @julietspeedy

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