Video shows the last full ‘Cold Moon’ of 2020

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The last full ‘Cold Moon’ of 2020 has illuminated its light across New Zealand.

Sky fanatics can catch a glimpse of the Cold Moon representing the last celestial event of the year.

The year ends with a final release of stress for everyone following the last 365 days of chaos due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


A Cold Moon is mostly known for its high trajectory that beams across the sky, appearing over the horizon for a more extended period of time than the usual full moon.

Source: CC/ Brent H

An image pictured by thisquality photographer Brent H shows the moon in a close-up view.

NASA says this type of moon will be in the sky for a total of 15 hours and 27 minutes. When the Sun goes down, it roughly equates to showing for 14 hours and 31 minutes.

From Wednesday morning on December 29 through to December 30, 2020, it will be the longest night of moonlight for the year.

Image/Video: SUPPLIED

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