Video shows thousands of Birds killed in Rome after Fireworks were set off

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Thousands of birds were killed in Rome after fireworks were set off.

On the night of New Year’s Eve fireworks were set off in Rome, causing a ‘massacre’ of bird deaths.

Give Me Your Voice, an animal rights group says the firework displays were most likely the cause of the bird deaths.

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Video footage supplied to thisquality shows hundreds of birds drop to the ground on the road near the central train station in the Italian capital.

Most of the birds were starlings that fell dead on the ground.

International Organisation for the Protection of Animals says the fireworks were likely to set off in a leafy neighbourhood that many birds use to settle and thrive.

The birds could have died from fear, flying together, knocking into each other or hitting windows or electric power lines. Another cause is the birds could have died from heart attacks.

The display of fireworks was in breach of a ban by the city of Rome and was ignored. A 10 pm curfew was also in place as part of the Coronavirus restrictions.

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