VIDEO: Thank you: New Zealand ft. Jacinda Ardern

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In this video, the first video released under the “thisquality” name & brand features Jacinda Ardern speaking about COVID-19 moving down from lockdown levels four to three. The video was filmed in Otaki & is about how much New Zealand has done for its people by following the lockdown rules. New Zealand could have been a lot worse off according to statistics.


The voice of Jacinda Ardern from the Coronavirus/Ministry of Health daily press conference on Monday afternoon:


“We are now hours away from the lifting of level four.”

“and of the strictest constraints placed on New Zealanders in modern history.”

“It’s been nearly five weeks of living and working in ways that just 2 months ago would have of seemed impossible.”

Jacinda Ardern mentioned that we did achieve the goal of locking down for four weeks.

“We have done it together,” said Jacinda Ardern

“We will never know what would actually have happened without our level four restrictions, but we can look overseas and see that this devastating scenario has played out in many other countries. Through our cumulative actions, we have avoided the worst.”

“Tragically, what we have been unable to stop is the loss of 19 New Zealanders to COVID-19, numbers, of course, mean nothing to the families, and loved ones and nothing can take away their grief.”

“All I can do and say again is to those people is that our thoughts and sympathies are with you; we must make sure that we do not let the virus run away on us again. To succeed, we much hunt down the last few cases of the virus.”

“There is no wide-spread un-detected community transmission in New Zealand, we have won that battle, but we must remain vigilant to keep it that way. That incl. Safely returning more New Zealanders to work. Enabling more businesses to re-open and allowing some of the recreational activities that we missed in the past four weeks,” said Jacinda Ardern.


Level four will be lifted to a level three at 11:59 pm on Monday night.  

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