VIDEO: Washed up Whale gets removed from tide at Hokio Beach

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A dead whale washed up overnight at Hokio Beach on Friday.

The cause of death is unknown, and officials have not yet confirmed the species of the whale.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The Department of Conservation had a ranger on site accompanied by local iwi throughout the day.

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“It had been seen offshore since at least last Wednesday,” said a Department of Conservation spokesman.

The ranger waited until low tide to give the go-ahead for contractors to bring the carcass away from the water to manage the disposal in the coming days by burying it.

The hole was dug out in the afternoon near the sand dunes.

Source: CC/ Beverley Dowling

Beverley Dowling who filmed the video as it was pulled away from the tide, also live-streamed a large hole being made near the dead whale and was amazed at how deep it was to bury the carcass.

“Whales are incredible. Wowza. Incredible!,” said Beverley Dowling.

Source: CC/ Beverley Dowling

“I can’t even begin to describe the smell. What a magnificent creature this was,” said Beverley Dowling.

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