Vinny Eastwood avoids questions about $4,700 Camera – audio

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This publication was last modified on 18.02.21 for legal purposes.

Founder Sam Hudson called conspiracy theorist Vinny Eastwood to ask a few questions about an alleged $4,700 camera that was sent to him by an investor. The phone call got heated.

Newly sourced information was revealed that Mr Eastwood received the $4,699.00 Sony Camera in October of 2020, purchased by an investor that was sent to him to be used for filming ‘homeless’ in Northland in-connection with conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika’s IBC (Indigenous Business Consultants) ‘housing project’.


Leaked to thisquality, the purchase of the camera was part of a loan to IBC which was reported at the beginning of January when a purchase was made of the $160,000 2020 Land Rover Discovery at Archibald & Shorter in Greenlane, Auckland.

The identity of the investor is protected during this time due to International Trade and Commerce laws. However, thisquality was contacted with evidence that identifies Mr Eastwood’s confirming and receiving the camera for filming homeless people in Northland.


The camera was purchased on October 10, Mr Eastwood later confirmed on October 13 that had received the camera in an email reply to the investor.

“Just got her! Thanks so much :),” replies Mr Eastwood.

The email ‘’ can be found on his YouTube channel about section.

Reports indicate that the camera was purchased for the purpose of getting video footage to be obtained by IBC Construction Limited, highlighting the ‘third-world status’ of the housing crisis in New Zealand.


During a debate in 2020’s General Elections for the Northland seat on Hui (Newshub), Mr Kahika confirmed that he was developing a housing project describing the situation in Te Taitokerau as third world status.

“You have got to give people hope. You got to give them a pathway to a career, you’ve got to give them a pathway to hope and development on an economic basis and I would challenge that Labour have failed miserably with the kāinga ora programme, with the KiwiBuild programme,” Mr Kahika said.

“Six thousand houses in almost three years is a long way to ten thousand a year. I developed my own properties. I build houses. I know what the problems are, I know what the red tape is.”

“This Government has not got rid of that red tape and we need to build houses, we need to release land and we need to work with whanau so that they can own their houses.”


Source: CC/ YouTube

According to reports: Mr Eastwood did not film the housing crisis, highlight the homeless or even interview anyone using the camera that was purchased.

Mr Kahika later confirmed to the investor that his IBC business failed but did not return any of the goods purchased or settled any of his business loan obligations.


The purchase receipt was supplied to thisquality.

Billy Te Kahika was contacted for comment but did not answer his phone.

Image/Video: SUPPLIED

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