Vinny Eastwood suspended on Twitter for posting an image not wearing a Mask on Plane

Vinny Eastwood suspended on Twitter for posting an image not wearing a Mask on Plane

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Comparing Vinny Eastwood to @thisquality on Twitter is a large and significant difference in terms of content moderation.

Mr  Eastwood claimed himself to be a citizen journalist for the last 13 years, but yet, posts atrocious content online speaking out against COVID-19 lockdowns, 5G and spreads unconfirmed or alleged conspiracies on YouTube and Facebook that have no relevant or reputable source to prove them.

He is using fear to encourage misinformation spreading further online.

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Mr Eastwood (@guerillamedia) was suspended from Twitter on January 13, however, he posted an image on Facebook not wearing a mask while on an Air New Zealand flight — this was when he went to attend a protest in Wellington City from Auckland City on January 14 to meet with online influencer known by the media as a conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika.

Source: CC/ Twitter

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When thisquality was removed from Twitter for violations; there wasn’t much detail as to what tweet caused the ban.

CEO Sam Hudson addressed the suspension and is looking to take legal action for the likely censoring of Current Affairs news within New Zealand laws and regulations even if Big Tech has its own rules. A statement was also posted regarding the censorship by the CEO.

Facebook and Twitter reportedly work together to ban accounts for posting certain things related to spreading conspiracies.

Comparing problems thisquality is experiencing to Mr  Eastwood approves the illegitimacy of an innocent news organisation being part of a ‘QAnon’ wave. No journalist working for thisquality would ‘not wear’ a mask and post images to social media boasting about it while on public transport during a global pandemic.

Source: CC/ Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, over 70,000 accounts were suspended or removed from Twitter on January 11 for inciting violence or spreading conspiracies regarding the January 6 Washington, D.C., terror attacks where protestors stormed the Capitol.

Mr  Eastwood posting the image encourages more of his followers not to wear a mask. This puts others’ safety at risk from contracting the Coronavirus.

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Mr Eastwood can be seen earlier from the Facebook post wearing a ‘Make Ardern Go Away’ mask on the flight.

It is a perilous threat not to follow suit with an agenda that the Government has laid out for its citizens to keep them safe unless someone has a genuine medical condition, he says he has one.

“On my way to Wellington! 1 pm protest outside the beehive! Because of my sinus problem, I don’t have to wear a mask but here’s a pic I couldn’t resist,” he wrote.


On the afternoon of Thursday, Mr Eastwood posted a photo of an exemption card.

“Not wearing a mask on a flight made me feel a little concerned that an angry mob might form but the staff don’t ask questions and the passengers are on their phones,” he said.


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