Virginian State Senator Ben Chafin dies to complications of COVID-19

Virginian State Senator Ben Chafin dies to complications of COVID-19

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American Virginia State Senator Ben Chafin dies to complications of COVID-19. 

Ben Chafin was aged 60 when he died from contracting the virus.

Lawmakers mourned the loss of the Republican senator of Russel County, representing Southwest Virginia.

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A statement written by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam following Chafin’s passing read: “With the passing of Senator Ben Chafin, Southwest Virginia has lost a strong advocate—and we have all lost a good man.”

“I knew Ben as a lawmaker, an attorney, a banker, and a farmer raising beef cattle in Moccasin Valley, working the land just as generations of his family had done before him. He loved the outdoors, and he loved serving people even more. He pushed hard to bring jobs and investment to his district, and I will always be grateful for his courageous vote to expand health care for people who need it.”

“This is sad news to begin a new year with the loss of a kind and gracious man. May we all recommit to taking extra steps to care for one another.”

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