Waikato DHB to Undertake Strengthening of Waiora Building

Waikato DHB to Undertake Strengthening of Waiora Building

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Waikato District Health Board will be undertaking seismic strengthening work on the Waiora Waikato Centre building at its Waikato Hospital campus.

The building was previously rated at 50% New Building Standard (NBS), which was placed 34% above NBS requirements for older buildings.

A detailed assessment was completed recently that measured the building against updated standards introduced with the earthquake-prone buildings Amendment Act in 2017.


The detailed assessment rated the Waiora building at 15% NBS with the plant housing on the roof that is identified as the key area requiring strengthening.

Waikato’s DHB has engaged engineers to prove the advice on more structural improvements and work underway and expected to begin on the plant house in early 2021, to improve the NBS rating. Further strengthening work will be occurring later in the year to rate the building above the required standard.

“Our preference is to take action now to bring the building to the required standard, and the guidance we have received indicates that can be achieved relatively quickly.” chief executive Kevin Snee said.

The Waiora building was designed in 1965 and is reinforced with concrete with five levels above ground and two basement levels. The building has offices for clinical and support staff and the DHB’s laboratory. The plant room on the roof is constructed with a steel frame with concrete walls.

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