Water Restrictions put in place for Levin and Ōhau

Water Restrictions put in place for Levin and Ōhau

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Level 1 water restrictions have been put in place until further notice for all Council water supplies in Levin and Ōhau districts.

The River in Ōhau shows water level readings have dropped below 2,500 litres per second. Consistent demand for water was rising to over 10,000 cubic metres per day.

Soaker hoses and garden sprinklers may be used under the restrictions on water use from 5 am to 7 am for houses with even street numbers on even dates and 7 pm to 9 pm on alternate days for houses with odd street numbers on odd dates.

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Handheld hoses, watering cans or buckets are not limited to the restrictions and can be used at any time. Hosing paved areas is banned unless it is required for use due to an accident, fire, health hazard or other emergencies.

The Horowhenua District Council is monitoring water levels. River levels, water use and status updates will be published at the Council’s website or Facebook page.

The Council said to thisquality that they have placed signs on roadsides indicating the level of water restrictions.

Remember to use these water-saving tips below:
* When brushing teeth or shaving, turn off the tap,
* Check Toilet cisterns, taps, and pipes for any potential leaks or overflows,
* Use buckets of water and a soft sponge or mop for any outdoor cleaning activities,
* Sweep any garden waste rather than using a hose to brush it away,
* When using the washing machine, only do full loads (incl. dishwashers),
* Take shorter showers than usual,
* Use a large bowl or plug the sink when washing any vegetables or hand-washing dishes,
* Install a double-flush toilet cistern.

Image: SUPPLIED/Philip Armitage

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