‘We couldn’t find anything for Birds to eat’ Biodiversity vs 1080 Poison Pellets

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Speaker Michael Kay talks about his experience with bio-diverse life at the Tararuas after filming a mini-documentary proving the bio-diversity doesn’t exist on the outskirts of project Kaka’s proposed drop zone.

“If we are looking at our hills, one geographic amazing thing about our hills is if you look at them, man are they weathered. They’ve been hit with all that mother nature could throw at it over the years. This country was thrust up and then it was just doused and you can just see it, you can see all of the watersheds.”


0080 is a Neurotoxin meaning anything that eats the pellets or drinks from watersheds slowly dies from the poisoning, ‘everything that is killed thrashes its self to death on very degrees of time as it dies,’ says Michael Kay.

The bigger the animal the longer it takes to die and the smaller the dose the longer it takes to die.

Michael has witnessed that there is not a lot of diversity up in the mountains where 1080 is dropped, and it was evident when he went up there, the soil was only two inches thick. ‘There might be a nice thatch, a root thatch, but you’re straight down to dead soil basically’ – Bedrock soils has not got organic matter in it, nor has the soil got worms in it anywhere.

“It was surprising really that we went through- we dug here, there and everywhere. Everywhere we dug, we couldn’t find a worm we couldn’t find a bug, we couldn’t find anything for birds to eat. We found one little worm, and it had just rained but it was all curled up in a little ball. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a little earthworm, he’s all curled up, and he’s trying to hide. He usually does that when it’s not raining. He’s just waiting for the rain to come and it had pissed down, there was water sitting on top of the ground – the water wasn’t going through the soil.”

When water is not going through the soil and 1080 poison is aerially dropped around that area, the 1080 residue after breaking down is just coming straight off the ground and into waterways like rivers or even watersheds where it can stay at a toxic level for months if not years.

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